Monday, August 23, 2010

Why am I so sensible?

I am crying when I see a baby smile, I am crying when watching a movie, I am crying for nothing....
Everything touch me............the creation of God up to the simple little thing.  Every day I hold my tears because I am the happiest women in the world, every day my baby son is waking me up with a soft kiss and a love you!  I hold my tears could you imagine if I have not decide to go for adoption this little one would not be waking me up every morning like he does.
I remember I did cry every year when celebrating my son's birthday well yes I had a reason Iwent into intensive care when I gave birth to him, had a hemorragy, went in coma for two days. Almost died!  So every year for a couple of years I was crying cause I was so happy to touch him, hold him kiss him and care about him.

I am crying when  they were little and doing the little funny face just to ask me a big favor..........oh yes they knew they will get it.

Sometimes I am thinking that Lord put too much tears into my eyes...........or too much love into my hearth.......who knows........I am touch by everything....... Oh well I am sensible........and I accept it.....are you also?

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