Thursday, August 26, 2010

My dreams are coming true!

It is realistic to dream, to have goal....?  Many times people told me, make your dream simple so they can be realistic. But should a dream be  marvellous, huge, big, out of dimension to make it to be a real dream. You know something that you cannot reach right now without making tons of effort to get it. It is also amazing how much people stop dreaming and when they want to reach for their dream they have no more power to do so.  One of my greatest dream was to be a missionary and also to step on the Africa land.  And I did both, it took me long very long but I succeed to pursuie my dream.

Another amazing coincidence is how we are fast to stop our children dream just by telling them how hard it is to dream about this or that.  I am wondering why are we doing prevent them to be hurt or matter the reason is not good at all.

I love to dream and I continue to dream always and I see my dream coming true and I am emotional about it.  My recent dream that is coming true will be the publishing of my book, a book written for my son about him also. Well those were my thoughts for the day!  Keep smiling and keep dreaming...

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