Thursday, August 26, 2010

My dreams are coming true!

It is realistic to dream, to have goal....?  Many times people told me, make your dream simple so they can be realistic. But should a dream be  marvellous, huge, big, out of dimension to make it to be a real dream. You know something that you cannot reach right now without making tons of effort to get it. It is also amazing how much people stop dreaming and when they want to reach for their dream they have no more power to do so.  One of my greatest dream was to be a missionary and also to step on the Africa land.  And I did both, it took me long very long but I succeed to pursuie my dream.

Another amazing coincidence is how we are fast to stop our children dream just by telling them how hard it is to dream about this or that.  I am wondering why are we doing prevent them to be hurt or matter the reason is not good at all.

I love to dream and I continue to dream always and I see my dream coming true and I am emotional about it.  My recent dream that is coming true will be the publishing of my book, a book written for my son about him also. Well those were my thoughts for the day!  Keep smiling and keep dreaming...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why am I so sensible?

I am crying when I see a baby smile, I am crying when watching a movie, I am crying for nothing....
Everything touch me............the creation of God up to the simple little thing.  Every day I hold my tears because I am the happiest women in the world, every day my baby son is waking me up with a soft kiss and a love you!  I hold my tears could you imagine if I have not decide to go for adoption this little one would not be waking me up every morning like he does.
I remember I did cry every year when celebrating my son's birthday well yes I had a reason Iwent into intensive care when I gave birth to him, had a hemorragy, went in coma for two days. Almost died!  So every year for a couple of years I was crying cause I was so happy to touch him, hold him kiss him and care about him.

I am crying when  they were little and doing the little funny face just to ask me a big favor..........oh yes they knew they will get it.

Sometimes I am thinking that Lord put too much tears into my eyes...........or too much love into my hearth.......who knows........I am touch by everything....... Oh well I am sensible........and I accept it.....are you also?

It is incredible

It is incredible how self esteem is important to a person who wants to go further in life.  If you do not start first of all by loving yourself, understanding and forgiving yourself. There is no way you will be able to see your goal.

I have in the past thought that it was so hard to progress until I learn for myself to start by:

  • Look at myself in the mirror and instead of finding all the bad image, I was looking at the amelioration I have made.
  • Start reading books uplifting books only
  • Start  working on my own image 
  • Clean around myself the friends that are really uplifting me
  • Stop judging start loving and continue to understand people around me
  • Be grateful for each second I breath in my life
  • Work on my body and health so it could be the best when I died
  • Work to be a great exemple around me for myself, for my family for my friends and all the people I touch.
  • Find the positivism in all trials I have to go through and learn from them.
It is incredible if you can just do one thing in the list, but do not give up it does take time...........but it is worth it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Miracle and blessings!

It is incredible to know how much we receive blessings in our life and how many miracles happened every day. That always amaze me, I am really a person to show and talk about the blessings in my life. It is important to me to see them, to feel them, to know Lord is always there for me no matter what. His way of showing things is marvellous every way100 Blessings Every Day: Daily Twelve Step Recovery Affirmation, Exercises for Personal Growth & Renewal Reflecting Seasons of the Jewish Year (Twelve step recovery series)

We can receive those blessings by asking them, are we shy to ask for blessings that belong to us.  Nope I am not, I am putting all my effort to be better every day and I deserve my reward, the best reward of all is to know God is behind me, He is on my side, He is guiding me in front of each of my steps.

Every day I force myself to see every blessings I receive or miracle I saw in my day to be able to thank God from my heart, I can see every where when He did took me in His arms to help me step a trial, but I was able to see also His hands wiping my tears then how come I would not stop and see the marvellous time of blessings.

Yesterday, He provide me with a job, with a friend, with a mentor, with a joy, yesterday He bless my life, today will be much more He already bless me with his love!

Find your niche, find a way to see Him in your life, believe me time will stop just for Him if you take the time!

Let me share this video with you... Let me share links to you!

Search for andy andrews

Greetings to you my friend who ever you are. Today I want to share links with you, the first is a video, you will understand that I will share something that will always help me be better what ever it needs to have a good life I will take all good guidance.  I have associate myself to great successful person on my group either facebook or linkedin.  It is important I receive a lot of judicious help and advice from them. I am grateful every day for my decisions.

Follow me, or follow your mentor, follow a leader that is succesful and follow God please he is the most important person on this world.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Now you want to learn how to do a business and keep it alive.

  • Duplicate is the key not to loose your team, take time with them and duplicate what you have learn yourself, duplicate your success, your values, your knowledge, and they will duplicate as you do.

  • One great thing we should do to build a to learn to be positive, to be positive you need to learn to love yourself and get a good self esteem because this will reflect on your success
  • Follow a leader to be a leader yourself, duplicate what he is doing and your team will duplicate what you are is simple.
  • Coaching is easy........but learning is coachable so you can coach too one day.!

Attitude is everything.

Did you know that thinking like a winner or a business person or a CEO or PRESIDENT means that this is what you will show to the person around you! I have been in the business for so many years and trust me if I have ever approach someone with my head down, I will never be where I am right now, a great business women in control of her business! Are you?

 I cannot understand in 2010 people thinks that if they are still negative and pushy they will get business............NO NO NO NO.

Friendly, open, positive, listen, ........wowowo those are the ways to learn to build a business, get a mentor, get a coach it is fashion to change your attitude in 2010.....yes you can every one can.........why not you?

Do you know on the market, in library, every where it is now accessible to get books or revue teaching you about you know that negativism is a drug and it affects more people on this world then AIDS those......? Do you know that most of the bankcrupcy are due to negativism and bad attitude..........yes YES YES...........Choose what you want to do in life..........

 There is another way also if you want to change yourself incognito without telling do not have to spend millions of dollars in theraphy........just take the decision........and start by looking at yourself in the mirror....every day...saying HEY DUDE I LIKE YOU, YOU ARE REALLY NICE PERSON, KEEP IT GOING KEEP SMILING YOU ARE DOING BETTER EVERY DAY I am sure after a certain period of will start to see some changes....

You can see that is one of my favorite subject, now I am anxious to get feed back!!