Saturday, August 14, 2010

The multi billionnaire business women tittle explanation.

Is there an explanation for is my blog, yes that is me.....yes i am multibillionnaire.......but does that mean that i have all these billion of money............nananananan!
I have it in love....I am so spoil you cannot even getting close to imagine it.

Business women........yes I am......I am also a therapeut, a doctor, a nurse, a secretary, a enterpreneur a psychologist and so many you know why?  I am a women and nothing stop me to be acting like a women.  I am also a mother I told you that.   I am also a wife..

So this tittle I deserve

Yes it is my dream and I am going for it........not to be multibillionnaire.....but just to have the chance to be free financially not to worry about food basket anymore or what to buy between milk and bread. Or do I pay the gas or do I pay the food?   We were doing so good at one time for many years we even had a house on the beach in SC....yes a marvellous refuge close to the beach.   We were travelling, there was no question when we wanted to pay course to the kids or clothes or restaurant......but all fall down like it could happened to every one.  Who do we blame.....? No one, Lord  were so good to us he prevent us so many times to loose our home and our family so what else did I need at that time.......I had it all....God, my family and my kids.

So that is my I am working to be back to the place where I would never have to worry about it having Lord with me all the time.

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