Saturday, August 14, 2010

Attitude is everything.

Did you know that thinking like a winner or a business person or a CEO or PRESIDENT means that this is what you will show to the person around you! I have been in the business for so many years and trust me if I have ever approach someone with my head down, I will never be where I am right now, a great business women in control of her business! Are you?

 I cannot understand in 2010 people thinks that if they are still negative and pushy they will get business............NO NO NO NO.

Friendly, open, positive, listen, ........wowowo those are the ways to learn to build a business, get a mentor, get a coach it is fashion to change your attitude in 2010.....yes you can every one can.........why not you?

Do you know on the market, in library, every where it is now accessible to get books or revue teaching you about you know that negativism is a drug and it affects more people on this world then AIDS those......? Do you know that most of the bankcrupcy are due to negativism and bad attitude..........yes YES YES...........Choose what you want to do in life..........

 There is another way also if you want to change yourself incognito without telling do not have to spend millions of dollars in theraphy........just take the decision........and start by looking at yourself in the mirror....every day...saying HEY DUDE I LIKE YOU, YOU ARE REALLY NICE PERSON, KEEP IT GOING KEEP SMILING YOU ARE DOING BETTER EVERY DAY I am sure after a certain period of will start to see some changes....

You can see that is one of my favorite subject, now I am anxious to get feed back!!


  1. Do not let people tell you that you cannot! You are unique and precious you have talent and you can do it on your own at your own rhythm. Believe in yourself not in others!

  2. If negativism is coming to your mind just turn the switch off! If positivism is coming to your mind....full fill your spirit with it!

  3. Follow me when I am doing great, but lift me when I am falling down!