Saturday, August 14, 2010

That is crazy.........but I go for it anyway!

Ok I have announce it so I have to write a blog.  Believe me that is the last time, I go to bed past 1 am because I am taking weird decision after my bed time.

I am simple, ordinary, I do not pretend I know every thing.  But Lord knows that I am coachable by His love and His patience.  So I take the challenge I have made to myself to write a blog.  If no one comes that would be fantastic.....but if they come and they share.....I might get better...I want to be better, I want to upgrade myself to be the best friend of all for anyone who touch my life.

Do you know that I have start this post 3 times and delete it.  Then one time I thought I had the right ideas my baby son delete it all....must be a coincidence....oh you are reading my 4th time....believe me you are happy of not knowing the content of the previous post....hahahahha

I want to be rich, hold on.........not money, no, no.  I have already start I am rich with my family got 5 children another is in his way through adoption we do not know if it is a he or a it will be my angel for now. So I am rich because if I look back  I have gain more confidence in myself, I have learn to stop destroying myself, I have learn to love myself for who I am not for who I want to be. I have put my priorities straight and establish good base to them and the best values of all. Oh gosh I am starting to be serious and emotionnal......ok ok ok..........that is it for today.......

What do you think......would you come back??


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