Monday, August 23, 2010

It is incredible

It is incredible how self esteem is important to a person who wants to go further in life.  If you do not start first of all by loving yourself, understanding and forgiving yourself. There is no way you will be able to see your goal.

I have in the past thought that it was so hard to progress until I learn for myself to start by:

  • Look at myself in the mirror and instead of finding all the bad image, I was looking at the amelioration I have made.
  • Start reading books uplifting books only
  • Start  working on my own image 
  • Clean around myself the friends that are really uplifting me
  • Stop judging start loving and continue to understand people around me
  • Be grateful for each second I breath in my life
  • Work on my body and health so it could be the best when I died
  • Work to be a great exemple around me for myself, for my family for my friends and all the people I touch.
  • Find the positivism in all trials I have to go through and learn from them.
It is incredible if you can just do one thing in the list, but do not give up it does take time...........but it is worth it.

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