Monday, August 16, 2010

Miracle and blessings!

It is incredible to know how much we receive blessings in our life and how many miracles happened every day. That always amaze me, I am really a person to show and talk about the blessings in my life. It is important to me to see them, to feel them, to know Lord is always there for me no matter what. His way of showing things is marvellous every way100 Blessings Every Day: Daily Twelve Step Recovery Affirmation, Exercises for Personal Growth & Renewal Reflecting Seasons of the Jewish Year (Twelve step recovery series)

We can receive those blessings by asking them, are we shy to ask for blessings that belong to us.  Nope I am not, I am putting all my effort to be better every day and I deserve my reward, the best reward of all is to know God is behind me, He is on my side, He is guiding me in front of each of my steps.

Every day I force myself to see every blessings I receive or miracle I saw in my day to be able to thank God from my heart, I can see every where when He did took me in His arms to help me step a trial, but I was able to see also His hands wiping my tears then how come I would not stop and see the marvellous time of blessings.

Yesterday, He provide me with a job, with a friend, with a mentor, with a joy, yesterday He bless my life, today will be much more He already bless me with his love!

Find your niche, find a way to see Him in your life, believe me time will stop just for Him if you take the time!

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